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Created at 4/16/24

Welcome to Overlapp: The Social Network That Focuses on You, the Customer

Hello and welcome to the first post on the Overlapp blog! We’re Team Overlapp, excited to introduce a platform that’s magically turning our fun lists into genuine connections with amazing people.

The Genesis of Overlapp

The idea for Overlapp was born out of a simple question: How do we keep track of the experiences we want to enjoy? From streamers to eateries to concerts, our wish lists are often scattered across static Apple Notes, forgotten bookmarks, jumbled Google map pins, and other places. This disorganization leads to forgotten plans and missed opportunities. That's where Overlapp comes in. We're on a mission to transform these scattered lists, bookmarks and map pins into an engaging and useful experience. Imagine something as beautiful as your favorite social app yet designed to effortlessly help you curate and share your wish list with others (if you want). Share an individual item or whole list!

Overlapp: Your Digital/Social Home

While other platforms are optimized for showing off or getting a quick dopamine rush, Overlapp is your digital/social "home." It's a safe, comfortable place where you can bring all your carefully curated experiences and interests without worrying about what others think. It's perfect for tracking streamers you want to watch, cool places to eat, or any other experience, and easily noting those you loved (and didn't!).

Our Journey So Far

With over 340 testers providing invaluable feedback, we're close to unveiling our new prototype in Figma. We want you to test it out!

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned to this blog for more insights into Overlapp and how we're approaching social networking differently. We're excited to share updates and stories as we build a platform that's not just about social networking, but about enriching lives and fostering meaningful connections. We're doing something different. While we're not against "likes" and "shares," we're not here for those. We appreciate your feedback and input as we build Overlapp for you, focusing on your needs, not those of influencers and advertisers.

Join us on this journey

As we embark on this journey to level up social networking, we're looking for forward-thinking individuals who share our vision. Sign up to join us or feel free to reach out at hello@letsoverlapp.com.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Your friends at Team Overlapp 😊