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Created at 5/30/24

Think The Land of Misfit Toys Meets Stranger Things

At Overlapp, we embrace our role as unconventional innovators. Our team brings a diverse mix of life experiences that color outside the typical Silicon Valley lines, providing a unique perspective. Our blend of real-world savvy and varied backgrounds isn't just a backstory; it’s our superpower. We understand that while technology is a powerful tool for connection, it’s the human experience that truly enriches those connections.

Real People, Real Connections

Our journey is built on real-life challenges and unique solutions. Overlapp is crafted not in an echo chamber but in the lively, chaotic, and wonderfully unpredictable real world. We’re real people, building for real people, creating your digital-social home—a safe, comfortable space where you can manage your interests and share them without feeling like just another user in a database.

Defiant, Diverse, and Driven

As innovators who think differently, we believe our varied perspectives are what’s needed now. We’re here to prove you don’t need a traditional background to innovate.

You need vision, perspective, and underdog grit. Join us at Overlapp as we defy the norm, armed with the resilience of our diverse backgrounds and a shared vision to make digital interactions personal and meaningful.

We’re not just creating another social platform; we’re creating a place where you can truly feel comfortable and connected by being yourself.

Sign up to join us or feel free to reach out at hello@letsoverlapp.com.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Your friends at Team Overlapp 😊