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Are Overlapps the New Likes?


Overlapp Team

Created at 6/24/24

Welcome to another edition of our blog!
We're thrilled to share more about how Overlapp can turn your forgotten bookmarks, jumbled map pins, and stale notes into meaningful connections.
In this post, we'll dive into Overlapps themselves. Let's get started!

In the world of social media, "likes" have long been the standard measure of engagement.
However, they often lack depth and don't foster real connections.
Overlapp is changing this by introducing "Overlapps"—a new way to engage that is both genuine and actionable.

Limitations of Traditional Likes

  • Superficial Engagement: Traditional likes are easy to give but often lack meaning. They don't indicate a true connection or interest beyond a simple click.

  • Limited Utility: Likes provide no actionable insight. They don't help individuals organize activities or connect over shared interests in a meaningful way. The Overlapp Solution

The Overlapp Solution

What is an Overlapp? An Overlapp occurs when your interests and activities align with someone else's on the platform. It’s more than just a like—it's a signal that you share common interests and can potentially connect over them.

Overlapps Happen: Genuine connections naturally arise from your interests and activities. Overlapp is the place for all the things you like, dislike, and want to do. Overlapps just naturally arise out of your true feelings.

Enhanced Social Interaction: Overlapps enhance social interactions by focusing on shared activities and interests, rather than just passive engagement.

Privacy and Control: Overlapp prioritizes your privacy and control, ensuring your data is secure and you decide what to share. You can discover others who share your interests while staying anonymous if you prefer. If you choose to share, you can connect through direct messages. Private individuals remain anonymous but are still recognized for sharing your tastes.

Genuine and Actionable Connections

We believe Overlapps are genuine and actionable. They enhance social interactions, improve planning, and offer robust privacy features.

So, are Overlapps the new likes? Join us and find out for yourself.

Sign up for early access or feel free to reach out at hello@letsoverlapp.com. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Your friends at Team Overlapp 😊

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